Transmission repair readily available near Sherman, Denison and Whitesboro

When you are ready to get your transmission looked at and repaired, Holiday Ford is here to help you out.

You may not think of how important each different system in your car is until that moment when something goes wrong and you are unable to use your vehicle. Your transmission is one of these systems that should be properly maintained and repaired, and our service technicians can make sure your transmission is in tip top shape.

You may ask yourself, but how do I know if it's my transmission that needs to be repaired?

The following issues are all signs that your transmission needs to be looked at:

  • It is difficult to shift gears
  • Transmission makes noise, including grinding when shifting with manual transmissions
  • Transmission seems to be slipping
  • Engine feels like it is surging
  • Transmission leads fluid
  • You cannot get your vehicle to move
  • Your car is making a jerking movement
  • Check Engline light comes on
  • The clutch is slipping
  • It has been over a year since the last time you had your transmission fluid changed

Schedule service with us so we can diagnose your transmission issue and get it repaired as quickly as possible.